Saturday, May 11, 2019

Are the Chocolate Brand Names Leveling with You?

The economy is bad, people are out of a job, and the prices of everything are on their way up. Of course, everyone's kind of depressed; what they're not cutting back on though is their supply of comfort foods – namely the who's who of chocolate brand names. In a time when just about every industry is reporting a fall in sales, the major chocolate brand names, Hershey’s, Mars and everyone else, is reporting record sales – up 5% this year. In fact, this year is all set to beat a few sales records for the confectionery industry. How could it be otherwise – when on average, every American is eating about 30 pounds of chocolate and candy every year. Candy sales are so great, high school students should probably look into a career in dentistry for a great boom; all this chocolate-eating is likely to generate lots of dental visits. As close as people are to their favorite chocolate brand names though, there's plenty about these companies and their practices that they don't know.

For instance, the chocolate companies like to have you believe that when you pick them, you're picking a really wholesome product. Only the very best ingredients are used, they like to tell you. But is that really true? For instance, do you remember the huge fuss that they made over toys from China that came in with lead paint? Well, that's just paint on a toy. Most famous chocolate brands contain lead in them. In fact, chocolate bars have the highest amount of lead of any food product, as seen from a test conducted by the FDA about eight years ago. Some Hershey's products have some of the highest lead ever. In short, chocolate isn’t good for little children.

It's kind of fashionable these days to write about the health benefits of chocolate. Dark chocolate has antioxidants and is good for your heart, some say. Another study claims that children who don't eat chocolate tend to be obese. Is all this just a lot of spin by the chocolate companies or is it the truth? To begin with, the Center for Science in the Public Interest tries to clarify that there is no real scientific evidence to back the antioxidant claim. And even if you did believe in the health benefits of antioxidants, chocolates aren't like fruits and vegetables; they come with lots of ill effects for your health too. And the less said about the obesity claim, the better.

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