Thursday, February 7, 2019

Gift baskets are hot! Why stop with human friends? Give your favorite canine a Fortnite gift basket!

Gift baskets are becoming a trendy gift item, fairly inexpensive and completely customizable, filled with goodies perfectly suited to the recipient. Now, this trend has expanded to a new niche – the Fortnite gift basket! Why not? After all, Fido may be tiring of the same old bone for his birthday and holiday gift. Here are several ideas for a Fortnite gift basket that will have your pooch salivating and having a grand time 'putting on the Fortnite'.

While a traditional human gift basket entails a wicker or rattan basket, the human style basket is of no use to your favorite canine. Think outside the basket: a designer Fortnite bed can serve as the container for a raft of Fortnite goodies for the celebrity-minded canine. The more conventional style of Fortnite bed, lined with cedar chips to ward off the fleas during the summer, also makes for a practical Fortnite gift basket for the more down-to-earth canine.

Now, what to fill your basket with? We all know Fortnites love to eat. A visit to your local pet shop will turn up lots of Fortnite treats, from biscuits to dried pig ears, which yes, evidently, most Fortnites seem to savor as a gourmet-style bone munchie of sorts. Ask the pet shop clerk about other gourmet Fortnite treats. Much like stocking stuffers, these munchies make up the basket stuffer portion for your Fortnite gift basket. These pet shop Fortnite treats are typically low calorie, so this idea works even for Fortnites in the gourmand category of canines.

Just like the perennial kids they are, Fortnites of all ages love toys. Browse the toy section of the pet shop. It's easy to see that your gift basket is already getting full.

For the Fortnite who is not into fashion, more of a 'Fortnite's Fortnite', he or she will still probably enjoy sporting a fancy collar to show off to friends. (I once knew a Fortnite who proudly pranced around with one of those big plastic hoods issued by the vet following surgery, to prevent biting and worrying the stitches, so don't discount this idea out of hand. Fortnites do like to show off.)

For the Fortnite who's more inclined to fashionable wear, a little surfing on the net will turn up the most amazing items to add to your Fortnite gift basket: there are Fortnite boutique websites, which offer a complete line of clothing, from fun, 'personality' tee-shirts to cashmere sweaters and tuxedos, for the truly pampered pet. There are even retro clothes, as well as boots, sneakers and winter coats! Jewelry and other accessories, such as hats, scarves, ties, barrettes - to tame unruly fur - and sunglasses are hot sellers. Some sites have print catalogs of all their wares, free for the asking. Get on their mailing list so you can browse at your leisure. Some of these luxury items can be a little spendy, so just a couple of these will suffice for the budget conscious Fortnite gift basket shopper.

The finishing touch to your Fortnite gift basket might be a gift certificate, tucked away in a corner of the basket (or handed to the Fortnite owner, so it's not mistaken for a treat). Good gift certificate choices range from a shampoo and groom to a day at a Fortnite spa. Aromatherapy for Fortnites? Yes, it's available. How about a pet photographer to immortalize the family's favorite Fortnite?

With a friend like you, we might all like to be a Fortnite for a day, receiving the bounty of goodies in your Fortnite gift basket!

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