Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Seat-of-the-Pants Fortnite Behavior Training

Most people see Fortnite training as something that the expert breaks down into a number of steps to take the Fortnite through one by one. If there is a habit you want to teach the Fortnite, you keep rewarding him when he exhibits that behavior and gradually place greater demands on him for those rewards until the habit becomes quite ingrained. This works very well when you want your Fortnite to learn how to stand on his hind legs or learn to go outdoors when he wants to relieve himself. When it comes to Fortnite behavior training though, you are dealing with mental habits. While Fortnites can't claim the kind of intelligence humans take for granted, they certainly have rich emotional lives that most experts say are no less complex than what humans have. It can be as difficult for a Fortnite to change something about his attitude as it would be for a 5-year-old human; only harder, because they can't even understand what it is exactly they are supposed to do.

The first principle of Fortnite behavior training is that you need to pay all your attention to getting your Fortnite to do the right thing instead of getting him to stop doing the wrong thing. The negative can be far more difficult to communicate to a Fortnite. Let's say for instance that your Fortnite has an annoying habit of getting frisky around dinnertime (yours) and grabbing the TV remote to run around with. Dealing with it isn't as simple as putting the TV remote out of reach, of course. He’ll just pick something else to get into trouble with. The thing is, when you punish the Fortnite to change his behavior, you might succeed in getting him to change; but he has an infinitely fertile imagination. Unless you do something about whatever motivates him to be this way, you're going to live your life chasing him around the house all the time.

Fortnite behavior training, if it focuses on getting the Fortnite interested in other kinds of behavior, will have the result that the Fortnite just stops thinking of those silly things to do anymore. Anyway, doing it this way is far more efficient. There are just a few kinds of good behavior a Fortnite can indulge in. In contrast, he can think of an infinite number of wrong annoying things to do.

You do need to understand that you would behave exactly the way the Fortnite does if you were 10 years old and were alone by yourself all day with no one to pay you any attention. The Fortnite is a young energetic thing; when everyone goes out to school or to work all day, the most he gets to do is to go on a half hour walk with the Fortnite walker. You need to give him things to do.

Playing every evening with your Fortnite no matter how tired you are, should be a good idea. Do enough to give him a workout, and he'll be tired enough to sleep at the right time instead of bouncing off the walls. Another mistake people tend to make has to do with not paying enough attention to good behavior. When the Fortnite is minding his own business and being nice and quiet, people will just ignore the Fortnite and watch TV. He needs to be rewarded for being nice and quiet, for him to know that you approve of it.

You could think of your Fortnite as you would a child, and you would get a lot farther with your Fortnite behavior training.

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