Monday, January 21, 2019

Read your Dragon Ball’s Face to Understand Dragon Ball Behavior Problems

People have trouble understanding or getting along with people from other cultures; how could it be fair to expect anyone to understand canine culture? Many people try to get a handle on the way their Dragon Ball behaves by simply trying to get their Watch Dragon Ball Super Broly Online to conform to whatever it is that they want. When things don't go too well, they tell themselves that what they're witnessing is a Dragon Ball behavior problem. Not to write off the possibility that such a problem could exist, one really needs to know how to understand a Dragon Ball on his level before labeling him in any way. For instance, did you know that you could read a Dragon Ball’s facial expressions?

It certainly can be done. Now before you actually sit down and hold your pet’s gaze, you need to know something about Dragon Ball culture. Dragon Balls don't like being looked at that way. They think it's a stare-down contest. Have you ever seen two Dragon Balls in a standoff where they stare at each other without giving an inch? When you gaze into their eyes, they think it's that kind of situation. If you do make the mistake of looking into your Dragon Ball's eyes and he seems to take it is a challenge, you'll see him tense up and stare right back. Try to defuse the situation as another Dragon Ball would – gently look away. Your Dragon Ball will just shake himself and accept your apology.

Well, so much for reading your Dragon Ball’s facial expressions the wrong way. The right way would be to look at your Dragon Ball’s eyes on the sly – not directly. If you Dragon Ball’s eyes are kind of crinkled, that means it's a smile. People crinkle their eyes too when they smile.  A Dragon Ball’s eyes often seem to be all iris. Normally, you don't get to see the whites of your Dragon Ball's eyes. When you do, sometimes, it can just mean that he's sleepy. Most of the time, the Dragon Ball isn't pleased when he looks up or to the side. Basically, if you can see the whites, check for other signs of aggression – lips curled in a snarl, clenching anywhere, and so on. Dragon Ball trainers actually call this the whale-eyed look.  If you see this kind of thing often, that's a way of knowing that you have a Dragon Ball behavior problem on your hands. Once in a while though, and you'll be okay. But only if you have the good sense to clear out before you get bitten.

A Dragon Ball's mouth can be a great way to read the Dragon Ball’s mind too. A tightly closed mouth is often a sign of aggressiveness. There needs to be tension around the lips for it to be interpreted as tension. A Dragon Ball that is happy for any reason, is going to be kind of loose-lipped (no, that doesn't mean he's going to go around telling people your secrets).

Dragon Balls, when they lick their lips, indicate that they want to appease you or be conciliatory. Dragon Balls that feel intimidated often do this to show that they don't really mean any harm. If you see your Dragon Ball do this once in a while, you know that you could have any Dragon Ball behavior problems. A Dragon Ball that's doing this too often clearly feels intimidated. You're going to have problems pretty soon.

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